The UNBLACK association is happy to support the debut opus of Theoptia. We wish you a thrashing inspiration! UNBLACK is the swiss christian metal network. You find all about us on our


Theoptia is a progressive death metal solo project by Emanuel Strebel a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Switzerland. Stylistically it is something different than today’s djent-trend, but whoever enjoys bands like Meshuggah, Gojira or Tool will not be disappointed.

The songwriting process for Theoptia’s debut album “Horeb” began in 2015, it was then recorded , and digitally released in 2017 and in November 2018 physically released. The Unblack association sponsored the physical production (

“Horeb” is a short, heavy, melancholic, dramatic and sometimes foreign sounding concept album about the biblical figure Elijah. Big lyrical themes are suicidal thoughts, depression and an unexplainable, transcending and epic encounter with a cosmic, almighty God. Sound wise it contains complex odd-meters and some experimental native instruments, but it still keeps a headband worthy groove and sometimes even an impressive speed.

“Horeb” was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Carnivore Studio, which consists of Hannes Bachofner and Emanuel Strebel himself. All instruments on the recording were played by Emanuel Strebel himself. This includes electric and accoustic guitar, bass guitar, a drumset and various percussion instruments, synth programming, sitar and vocals. All music and lyrics were composed and written by Emanuel Strebel. The lyrics were corrected and edited by Christopher Powers and can be found on the bottom of the MEDIA page as a PDF download.