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“He toys with the meter like a puppet master pulling the strings on his subject. (…) He’s weaved a
web of multi-faceted layers of Technical and Progressive sounds with dark, angry vocals, and a
touch of the unconventional with those Middle Eastern influences. Those hearty accents and vocals
that give off an air of vulnerability are truly unique. They remind me of a few bands in the
Progressive Death Metal genre but what he has created here is his alone. If you are a fan of the
genre, definitely pick this up.”

  • Metal Temple

“With short intros added to the beginning of most tracks, atmospheric elements incorporated in
the middle of certain tracks, acoustic elements woven in sporadically as well as spoken word
moments mixed in, Theoptia does a great job of providing you with unique and varied sounds.
There isn’t one song that sounds like another on this record as Theoptia provides you with plenty
of variation all throughout Horeb”

  • Cadaver Garden


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